Welcome ! We are thrilled to announce that our enhanced eServices are now available for your convenience, offering a seamless and efficient way to interact with our platform. To make the most of this digital experience, we invite you to apply for eServices through our user-friendly portal.
Follow these easy steps to get started:
  1. Log in to Your Account

    Visit our portal and log in using your existing account credentials. If you don't have an account yet, you can quickly create an account by following the on-screen instructions.

  2. Navigate to the eServices Section

    Once logged in, navigate to the eServices Home section.

  3. Choose Your Desired eService

    1. Select the eService you wish to apply for from the screen. These may include Temporary Entry Pass, Vehicle Entry Pass, Crane Permit Request, etc.
    2. Click on the "Read More" option.
    3. All the required information is available there of each service on the popup.
    4. Click on “Apply” OR “+” (on top of the popup) OR “New Request” button (on bottom of the popup)
  4. Complete the Application Form

    Fill out the simple and user-friendly application form with attachments with the required information.
    Be sure to review your entries before submission to ensure accuracy.

  5. Submit and Await Confirmation

    After completing the application, click on the "Submit" button. You will receive an email confirmation acknowledging your application.
    Our team will review your request promptly, and you will be notified once the selected eService is Approved OR Payment Pending.

  6. Payment Options

    If you receive that the service is pending for payment, then you may come to the office for Cash(Manual) Payment OR use proceed to payment for Online Payment from the eService detail of each service in portal.

  7. Use the Service

    Once the payment is completed, you will receive the email of completion of the service. Then you will receive the credentials (NOC, Entry Pass etc).